Who are we?

With a base and support structures both in Hong Kong and in Europe, we are close to both potential buyers and property sellers and able to provide a seamless and efficient coordination for hassle-free investment transactions in South Europe. 

Thanks to the technical skills and human qualities which make her strength, Euro Realty & Investment offers a turnkey solution and personalized support for each

investor to allow him to acquire his property and enjoy success in optimal conditions.


Serge LECLERCQ is a visionary entrepreneur and true real estate expert with more than 20 year transactional experience in South Europe and a strong track record of bringing added value to investors in both traditional real estate and business acquisition transactions.


Hervé LECLERCQ is a seasoned international lawyer with a 25 year career that took him to China and to several European countries where he worked as general counsel for leading multinationals. He is proficient in Chinese and in 4 European languages, and has a good knowledge of China. He has authored several books on Chinese law and teaches courses on Chinese investment law at French universities.


Muriel SABLAYROLLES is a professional linguist and expert in cross-cultural training with a solid experience of mentoring Chinese students in France. She also has 20 years experience in tourism, hotel and restaurant management in South Europe and has brokered numerous transactions for the sale of hotels and restaurants in Europe.




Our team has created a strong network of real estate partners, developers and specialists of business acquisitions in Europe and is able to leverage on their skills.

"Our core competencies:

- Search and selection of suitable investment targets (market review; valuation; due diligence; financial, tax and legal planning).

- Transaction assistance (site visits; legal support and representation; negotiation; conveyancing; registrations).

- Property management (maintenance; legal representation; insurance and tax management; property resale)

- Own use and rental residential real estate

- Commercial real estate (retail, office, small businesses)

- Sale and set up of small and midsize businesses

- Real estate development